The Truest Note

Reading the blog Handmade Homeschool and delving into the backlog a bit, which I always do with blogs I’m enjoying, I came across this in the post Thoughts On A Day and I heard the angel chorus referred to in my brain.

Somewhere, somewhen, I came across an article that stated that the cruelest thing which mothers of young children do to each other is clean the house before a playdate. Anyone who’s dropped in on a friend to discover a house in a…ahem…state of flux and felt that sense of angel-chorus-singing-relief knows how true this can be.

Yes, sir, these words do strike a chord. But yes, sir, I clean my house before playdates. Ninetynine percent of the time – depends who is coming over. My bestest buds get to see the toys scattered all over my livingroom floor.

(a quick postscript : if y’all could comment on the composter from the previous post I’d be much obliged. I told my husband I posted his composter and he keeps asking me if anyone has commented on it and he’s rather quite anxious. 😉 If you’re super nice, he’ll get excited about it and get me to photo him doing more stuff around the house all tutorial-like; like, porches and playhouses. Which also means he’ll put doing said things on the top of his priority list. WE ALL WIN. Get on it!)

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