Beautiful Shelves! and… a giveaway?!

Okay, so you have to run over to Beneath My Heart. This post in specific, I guess, but I’m loving her blog overall.

See these GORGEOUS shelves? She saw some just like in a magazine and loved them, but not the price tag. So she got her husband to make them for her! Well, after people were thinking ‘Sure, her husband could do it, but *i* am still SOL,’ she decided to show those under-confident folk that a lady can do this her own good self. Not just that… but she’s GIVING AWAY the shelf she’s made! So, go learn something, and maybe win.

I actually plan on making an adaption of these! My husband Chris winds up getting free 2x10s. Like, enough that he cuts them down to make things like houses for our daughter. (WIP, will show you when its done though!) Anywhoo, I’ve been thinking that on a basically blank wall in my kitchen (where I have my microwave hutch and a small hung bookshelf) I will make some gorgeous shelves like this out of 2x10s and use it for all my dishware, cookbooks, and dry goods stored in nice containers! Chris isn’t sure how well this will look but I have inspirational photos that give me confidence.

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