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Bubble Party!

Some things did and some things didn’t go as according to plan for Nicole’s 2nd Birthday Party. The bubble theme was a big hit – preschoolers love bubbles, and her older cousins liked them as well, although they were more interested in swimming. I did manage to put her in a bubble skirt and tickle myself pink. Ohoho.

I found a bubble machine at Sears for just under $20. Definitely worth it, they weren’t interested the whole time but it got the party off to a screaming good start. And then they’d wander back over to it from time to time to play with more bubbles.

The pool was a big hit with the kids that were 3 and over. The play was a bit too rough and the water a bit to cold to hold the 2-year-olds for long, but they had other things to play with anyways.

One thing that didn’t go to plan was this. I made homemade bubble potion, but I used an environmentally friendly soap and I think that might have been the problem, because the bubbles lasted a scarce few seconds. The original plan was that this pool had enough bubble potion to cover the bottom, then the kids stand in the middle and a hula hoop is raised over thier heads and they are inside a bubble for a moment. Tres cool and I was very excited about it. However, the kids made lemonade out of my lemons, jumping into this pool soaking wet and playing in it, quickly creating a few inches of foam. Then they took water into the foam pool and foam into the water pool, which was fine with me really. They had such a blast!

This is my pool after everyone left. Kind of sadlooking, but it actually looked normal again in a a day or two with some cleaning.
I wish I had taken a picture of the moms and the little bitty babies sitting in lawnchairs and sunning and drinking coffee. Delish. I think there were some pictures taken of me (I’ve lost some weight lately so I was declared adorable) and the other moms individually, but they have yet to surface on facebook. Imagine a lineup of lawnchairs full of mommies laughing and NOT ENTERTAINING THIER CHILDREN after two solid weeks of blah weather and barely any outside-time for the kids. HALLELUJAH.

One thought on “Bubble Party!

  1. Thanks for commenting on my “Pet Children” post this morning. It's so funny how everyone, including those for and against child restraints missed the point of my post. My post concerned the 6 adults and one child using a leash and the woman in Verizon. Listen, I”m a mom and I know how hard it can be, but those two examples really did exemplify lazy parenting. The people at Disney were having too much fun with their friends to pay attention to their child and the lady at Verizon stepped (leaped) over the line. I never intended for my opinion of these two cases to be a broad condemnation of child leashes/restraints/backpacks, even though they aren't right for my family. If your methods work for you without harming a child, then I support your choices šŸ™‚

    Recent blog:=- I Love This!


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