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busy girl, busy girl

Okay, so, granted, I have a birthday party that I should be planning. And/or preparing for. And/or baking for. But, like all good crafters, when I have something important to do… I do crafts instead! ha. So, first we have what we will pretend is a before like you can’t see that I started working on the bottom there already. And pity my wilty flowers. And now we have the after! Tadaa! The ribbon and trinkets are just to jazz it up a bit. Bling bling and all that. The idea for that part, by the way, comes from Inspirational Home by Jeanne Winters. If I had a more inspirational charm I would have used that, but I had been making a bunch of these blue and white things and decided to toss three of them on.
The jute is just from dollarama, and the vase was a gift but probably also from there by the looks of it 😉 This takes a while, with a few bucks and a glue gun you can have a stylish vase! Good project for when you’re watching toddlers “move it, move it!’

And more tulle came in today! I finished my tutu! I’m so tickled. DD is a busy girl, too, as you can see. Even a princess needs to mow her lawn, kids.

She is divalicious. She grabbed the sunnies and put them on herself. If you are curious about the extended broom, that would be her new boyfriend.

I am not the only busy girl around here, as you can see. “I love ‘Cole!” he says.

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