birthday · birthday girl · toddler · two year old

this is two

This is two candles blown out ever-so-neatly with family and friends.
This is a batch of cupcakes eaten icing-first by little people, and some big ones too!

This is the happy birthday girl, eating one of her favourite things.

This is a neatly made bed (I will treasure the picture, lol) with a new comfortor from Gramma.

This is the terrible twos, relished quickly and with lots of enthusiasm.

This is a princess and a monkey and mommy and daddy’s precious little baby, already two years old!
(And… we did it! We waited for her birthday to give her the kitchen! LOL… we have a bit of a reputation for NOT waiting to give gifts on the proper day. PS, how cute is this kitchen? It has little baskets! And a pot rack (not shown)… mine doesn’t compare!)
PS: I totally forgot… this is the Market Skirt from MADE’s tutorial! I plan on adding the adorable pockets yet, but DH needed me to turn a longsleeve sunday shirt into a shortsleeve one tonight. So… later!

2 thoughts on “this is two

  1. Terrible 2's.. Love the picture with the marker all over !! I have a 2yr old daughter.. I have pic's where she smeared diaper rash cream all over her face and legs.


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