Shiny and New

Ooh la la, I have fancy-shmancy looking titles and suchlike now! What do you think? If the font is ‘too much’ I may switch to something simpler.

The tutorial on how to do this fancy stuff (actually pretty simple when they hold your hand and walk you through it, don’t be intimidated by the fancy lookin’ word-thingers!) and the font I’m using is courtesy of kevinandamanda.com … they actually have a LOT of really cute free-to-use fonts! If you’re a digital or mixed-media scrapbooker you better get over there NOW.

3 thoughts on “Shiny and New

  1. Hi! I LOVE the font! Looks fun and happy! I love your description of your daughter….maybe mine is her long lost twin. Thank you SO much for the kind comment on my blog! It was so nice! I am so glad you like my blog. Sometimes you wonder if people just click and roll their eyes ๐Ÿ˜‰ It keeps your going when people comment and tell you what they like! Have a great weekend!!!



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