vibrating mascara

Product Review: Pulse Perfection Mascara

I was one of Pulse Perfection Mascara reviewers. Thought I’d share with my readers my opinion on this mascara, as I’m sure a lot of the people who have heard about it are curious.
As somebody who is a self-proclaimed mascara guru, I felt the vibrating wand made no difference in the coverage I got out of this mascara. I tried it with and without the pulse, and didn’t find there was a difference, for me. In and of itself, the mascara was nothing special.
That said, I think that if you have a hard time applying mascara and getting good coverage, definitely give this a try. If you have a steady hand, a slow application from root to tip could have you covered.
(Personally, my favourite mascara price-to-value is still Lashblast.)

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