WIP, office/craft room

Okay, so as you may remember, I repainted my office the other month. Unfortunatly since I was preparing to leave for a trip I never finished reorganizing it, and then it fell into a black hole and become the Hotspot of the house, where everything that didn’t have a home got shoved. Add that to the fact that I continued using it as an office/craft room… ugh. Anywhoo…. on we go.
This fabric was less than $2/m at Wallymart, and I thought it would be a nice complement to the room. As you may or may not be able to notice, I just cut my 5m in half and clipped it up. Still going to jazz it up a bit, Nester-style. Its actually very sheer (when it’s daytime outside) and since it’s located right near a vent it’s always fluttering, so I will definitely need to weigh it down with some trim at the very least on the bottom. Will probably do something about those sides, too, as you can clearly see the selvedge LOL.

I’ve become a Flylady Flybaby this past week, and for my 15 and 2 minute drills I’ve been folding fabric and putting it on the shelf, as well as tossing the stuff I don’t like in a bag. (I inherited boxes of fabric here and there and everywhere.) (the fabric and pattern on the bookshelf are my next sewing project, a dress for DD.)

I hung my scrapbooking shelf. Then I pulled out a level and hung the one side a whole inch higher. I fail at eyeing it up LOL. I’ve started putting things away slowly but surely.

More scrapbooking stuff… A small amount of my paper, plus clear stamps, and then some embellishments organized by colour.

And to be fair, this is what the rest of the room looks like. LOL. The bucket organizer I stole from Nicole’s bedroom b/c she was just like ‘Well hey, this is easy to empty.” So it wasn’t really organizing ANYTHING. The red Zellers bag is stuff I’m going to get rid of, the stuff beside it is going to go back in the big fabric bucket (clothing to refashion) after I finish going through the bucket and folding all the actual fabric. As for the rest, I have no real excuse, except that my DD likes to toss things around and my DH likes to toss things in this room instead of finding them a home. It’s not all just on the floor, though, although it looks like it… it’s stuff stored in (open) boxes waiting to be put away. Mostly. (Some of it is just stuff on the floor)

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