Models, Idols, and Sexy (man)Legs

OK, so when I was gone for a while b/c Chris’ Opa was sick and passing, I did some sewing. I did most of this sweater, which started off as a larger sweater that was mostly the same as this which I bought for $1 in a thriftstore for just this purpose. I was drawn to the cartoony stormy fabric. 🙂 Anywhoo, I didn’t bring along one of the cuffs (I had everything cut and just needed to sew at my friends’ place) and I didn’t have my zipper handy either. So today I quickly finished, and then made this sundress for DD as well. Then off we went to model them.
This sweater is definitely not my best work. But I was working with shoddy materials… I was just too in love with the pattern to care. 🙂

I love her in bright colours. Muted tones are so pretty, but bright colours really fit this girl and her vibrant personality.

I was beyond tickled when she took off the sweater and flung it over her shoulder to stare off in the distance. Model in training, yes? If she doesn’t do well on Canadian Idol in fourteen years. We’ll see. What do you think? Surefire winner, right?

The dress is basically a skirt that was too ‘young’ for me to bother to wear (terrycloth and bright, cute but not me anymore) and I sewed down the sides and created a casing with a drawstring. Ideally I would have done two little buttonholes for the drawstring, but the machine tried to eat the terrycloth when I suggested that, so I cut a hole and used antifray stuff instead. This is just a beach coverup, I wasn’t gonna sweat it. If anyone wants a tutorial to do this with a cotton skirt refashion, though, say the word. I’m sure I can dig up a better skirt to do this to.
Boy, that girl has a bit of a tanline, hey? Speaking of tanlines…. (pretty slick transition there, eh?) (and yes, if I can say it, I can write it. Pretty cool, eh?)

Lastly, let’s admire for a moment my husband’s sexy legs. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love it. This, my friends, is a sign that a construction worker is putting in some serious Hours. (Chris is a foreman on a construction crew. A two-man crew. Which consists of him and his brother. And those boys bang off jobs just as quick as most five-man crews.)

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