I already posted today, but today can be a twoferone!
My sister has a Sweet Camera, so here are a few candids from my DD Nicole’s sleepover at Grandma & Grandpa’s farm this past friday-saturday. Nicole loves these sleepovers, because she lived at grandma and grandpa’s house for the first nine months of her life while we waited on possession of our house. (long wait, but worth the amazing deal with got… we paid 20,000 less than the value of our house was estimated at the day we moved in!) My hubby and I love it, too, because it gives us a night to ourselves once in a while, which we thoroughly enjoyed after such a hectic couple of weeks! (thoroughly as in candles and booze, baby.) And my three youngest siblings, aged 12-16 (the 16yr old being my sister) love it b/c they live at home (obviously) and really enjoy having thier only niece for the weekend!
This is her in her ‘house’, a barn-shaped little shed that was turned into a shack for the skating rink last year. She has declared it ‘my howse!’ and grandpa, being the marshmallow that he is for his babygirl, is probably gong to wind up installing a window and a doorhandle so it can be just that.

Concentration face! There is deep thinking afoot.

Big smiles and crazy hair. My sweetie. (Speaking of my sweetie, guess who dug around in the planters and then wiped herself clean on my white slipcovers today? Children are a blessing!)

she’s a little motionblur, she is! Even in bright lighting with a DSLR! lol.

She kept offering this dandelion to everyone, but sadly, not even the dog wanted it. One girl’s flower is another’s weed, i guess!

Apparently she was walking around singing, “Flower, flower! Flower, flower!”

Nicole with Murphey, aka Fat Black Pug. This dog has the funniest walk… like an upside down horseshoe has been inserted into her legs/behind. LOL.

Nicole taking Fat Black Pug for walkies… she LOVES animals. She’s more than a little wary of the geese, which is GREAT, because they guard the pond and she wouldn’t even THINK about crossing them by wandering in that direction.

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