Here I Am!

Hi all, I’m still here! lol. Just sort of getting back into the groove after the last few weeks. Funny how it takes a bit to get back into everything after your life is upside down for a week… takes another week just to catch up! Above is my current WIP, still that dresser, nicely painted white, and oh, look closely… scribbled on! The paint had not even dried, I went inside to bag the brush and put it in the fridge… and my Precious Beloved Child was scribbling all over it when I got back out! THE PAINT WASN’T EVEN DRY YET. ….CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING. ahem.

Here are some of the things we did this weekend (aside from a spectacular trip to Canadian Tire… there are big seagrass baskets on sale from $14.99 to $4.99 – GO NOW!)

Played in the pool! Only where I live will you manage to have the heat on and the AC on in the same week. Sweaters on Monday, bikinis next Sunday! That’s us! (Not me. I could be ten sizes smaller and I’d still never wear a bikini. Let’s just say, stretchmark cream did NOTHING for me.)

DD and DH played together for ages! I couldn’t have been happier – summer is a hectic time for him, so he doesn’t really get to spend a lot of time with her during the summer. Which means it has to really be quality, as far as I’m concerned!

Why, yes, that is exactly what you think it is. Last year’s pool inside of this year’s pool (which was from my parents, they bought a real Swimming Pool and gave us this one! Thanks guys!) because of course you need to sit on a floatie. (that was sarcasm, I thought it was ridiculous)

You know what they say though, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em! And join’em I did. I’m not scowly about it, that’s the sun in my eyes.

Here we go. See? Mommy has fun. It was actually super comfortable. Mocking dismissed.

Since I don’t actually have tons of actual useful info to share, I’ll share the blog I’m currently scoping out like mad… Smart Bottom Enterprises. The name just slays me, for one. For two, adorable projects and children and stuff like that. Go take a peek-a-boo. I wanted to do the button, but it wouldn’t work for me, maybe it’s just blogger being a bum, it’s been one lately. (sadface)
Speaking of faces, mine is nothing but happy now that my new laundry line is up! It is retractable! Obviously it has it’s restrictions, but for somebody who doesn’t want to commit to having a laundry line strung against her yard 24/7, it’s fabulous! It’s also just under $23. I know, right?! Go get one. I will get another one in the fall when it gets too cold to dry the clothes outside and mount it in the basement.

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