OK, so if you are a follower of Tip Junkie like me, you might have cloth diapers on the brain. I’ve been thinking of doing the switch. I know DD is nearly two, but I’d like her to notice that she’s rolling around in her own filth, it might help prep her for potty training. But I’ve never tried them before!

I’d love to try Grobaby diapers! They’re having a giveaway right now, actually. Gimme gimme! (lol) My friend got one and she’s recommending them, and she’s used cloths for her little DS’s whole life! (she normally uses BumGenious and is a bit of a Diapey Connoisseur, so I gotta trust the woman)


3 thoughts on “Grobaby

  1. I used cloth on my DS unless I went out then being a single mom (his dad and I divorced when he was a month old) my brother potty trained him. He got to the point he'd take his own diaper off.

    What I really liked was that another hobby of mine is origami, and I knew an origami fold so I could do it pinless.


  2. I've used cloth on both of my kids (one is 3.5 and the other is 18 months). I started with my older dd when she was about potty training time also so I bought bum genius. Now that my son has used them for a while, the elastic is really quite worn. I don't know if you intend to have more babies and use cloth but if you do I think the sized diapers are actually a better buy in the long term rather than the one size. That said the natural baby store is a little Montana company and are probably really cool to work with (being a fellow Montanan)


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