Road Rash

DD ‘got in a car accident’, as a friend aptly phrased it. Definitely the worst Coupe Car incident I’ve ever seen. Actually combed some skin out of her hair. *wince* Insult to injury, of course, it’s been raining a lot lately and the back compartment of the Coupe was full of icy rainwater, so when the car tipped she was doused. She’s taking it like a trooper, though! And thanks to the magic of polysporin, two days later it’s already much smaller. (Yes, ouch, that is the picture of the ‘much smaller’ injury) I was hoping to get a family photo done soon, but I think I’ll have to wait for this to heal a bit. She is such a bruiser lately! Half dozen scrapes and bumps and bruises in the last few days ALONE, this is just the worst of the lot. If she doesn’t figure out this whole ‘gravity’ thing soon, somebody is going to call Child&Family Services on me or something!

2 thoughts on “Road Rash

  1. My son rode a big wheel down the hill at his grandparents house last summer. It flipped and he busted his face up really bad. I felt horrible for him but he recovered quite quickly! A popsicle made it all better!


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