Link Love

Is there a word like bromance for girls? Except bromance, I believe, is a mutual thing. I think I’ll use the term ‘heterosexual and completely platonic crush’.

I have a ‘heterosexual and completely platonic crush’ (ok, bromance is way cooler) on Chris of Just a Girl

Aside from the fact that I seem to gravitate towards people with the nickname Chris (my husband… my maid of honour…) and the fact that I’m going to go live in her house somewhere like a little hobo because it’s super gorgeous, I totally dig her sense of humour. And totally empathize with her issues with her dog, aptly nicknamed Nemesis. My own nemesis, Disrespectful Cat, has actually moved on to greener pastures. By greener I mean ‘not mine’ and by pastures I mean ‘that’ll learn ya to poop on my cork flooring’. With my luck, though, Disrespectful Cat is off to go be coddled like a king for the rest of his life in his new cork-free home.

ANYWAYS. Tangent. I have a touch of the ADD, as you may have noticed by now. (and by touch I mean ‘look, Ma, I’m off my Ritalin!’ which, by the way, I have been since grade 7, as my parents were gracious enough to let it be my choice. “What?! Her ADD jokes are jokes at herself and not making fun of people who have ADD?!” Yes, yes they are.)

So you should totally go over to Just A Girl and laugh, as well as drool at her home and her awesome taste. I know I will. Did. Am. (Still up in the other tab as I go stalkerishly through her archives giggling to myself.)

2 thoughts on “Link Love

  1. Well, I was coming over here to tell you how funny I thought you comment was on my blog, and what a great surprise I find! “You like me! You really like me!”

    I have a feeling we would be good friends if we lived close to each other, so it’s best that our relationship remain strictly cyber at this point. Girl-mance? Wo-mance? There’s GOT to be a better name, don’t ya think? 🙂 Glad we’ve met!!


  2. There really must be, people keep looking at me funny when I declare undying devotion / intent to marry other women, in an ‘aren’t you a married heterosexual woman?’ kind of way, yet guys actually get a cool word for it. Discrimination! LOL


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