The Perfect Toddler Bookshelf

I love Martha Stewart.com’s great idea to use a premade plate rack as a child’s bookshelf. DD would be able to see all the books we had out on display (we have far, far too many books. But there is no such thing, so we must have the perfect amount.) and wouldn’t have to yoink them all off the shelves to figure out which book she wanted. Now I just need to find a plate rack somewhere!

Speaking of things I need to find… I have been doing some replanting. I have inherited some sad looking plants in some sadlooking pots that used to belong to my DH’s Oma. I’m trying to bring them back to life instead of just abandoning them, so don’t make fun, they’re sad enough already.
Two of the pots, though, I am absolutely in love with – these little white ceramic ones. Too cute. I think I shall start hunting and collecting white ceramic pots. Or just invest in some glossy white spraypaint, ohoho…
And yes, I know, you are absolutely in love with how I am using a mini screwdriver and a plastic knife to hold that poor plant up until it takes root properly in this pot. Tres chique!
(the adorable tin planter-thingy that says Family on it is from Michaels, a steal for around $15!)

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Toddler Bookshelf

  1. I just came in from rooting around in the outbuildings for old enamel milk pails and other interesting “pieces” to plant some new seed packets in. The Prairie Guy is never too impressed with the initial ideas (I hauled two pale yellow tractor tire rims out of the quonset the other day and stuck them on one each side of the porch steps to use as planters) but he always acquiesces when it comes to the finished product. I also hauled two old steel water troughs to strategic locations to use as hollyhock planters and am planning on using my old wash tubs as planters this year as well. Vintage + Free = great steal in my books =)


  2. No arguments – that is the perfect toddler bookshelf. What else would I expect from someone who makes their blogger blog all pretty with pink and chocolate?


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