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Soft Pretzels

Kara’s Kitchen Creations Soft Pretzels
um, wow. Okay, I have never had the mystical creation known as ‘soft pretzel’ before. I shall never eat ‘hard pretzel’ again. (okay, admittedly, I was not a huge ‘hard pretzel’ fan to begin with.) These were really super quick and easy to make. No, seriously. The first one was like ‘uhhhh why am i doooooing thissssssss’ (imagine that whiny voice your kids make, but apply it to a grown woman)… but then I figured out that as long as I kept my work surface completely clear of any hint of flour or anything of the sort and kept my hands slightly damp, just enough for my skin to stick to the dough a bit… easy peasy quick. nomnomnom. My coatings were kosher salt and sesame seeds, b/c it seemed appropriate.

Okay, I cannot belive I published this post without the best part. I need bedtime.
My DH loved these to pieces. Wanted more and more and nearly spoiled his appetite. Then he fell asleep on the couch while I made supper and DD froliced around trying to make mommy do the crazy-mad-screamy-lady thing that mommy does when mommy is trying to make supper and DD is trying to make mommy certifiable. (You know what I’m talking about.)
So the pretzels are still on the table, a big plateful. The one pictured, actually. Suddenly I notice DD running away from the table, a few pretzels missing, and one pretzel clutched in that chubby little palm. Well, I chased her down (I have an open concept home. This was not much of a chase scene.) and retrieved the pretzel. Then I turned to tell hubby, who was napping, what she had done. Lo and behold, there are the other pretzels! In a nice little pile right in front of daddy’s face! What a nice girl, trying to share her spoils. And later the last missing pretzel was found in her Little Big Girl purse.
yes, she loves shoes AND carbs. My baby. insert heartbubbles here.

One thought on “Soft Pretzels

  1. That is sooo funny! Your daughter sounds just like my 5 yr old. We find his hidden food stashes all over the house (or at least the remains.)

    So glad that you liked my pretzel recipe, and thanks for linking back to me. 🙂


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