bird · lesson · sparrow

A Lesson In Birds

Some things just turn out so much cooler than I could possibly plan for. This little guy hit our window this morning and knocked the sense out of himself for a little while, just long enough to show little DD (sporting freshly-pulled-out-braids) what birdies look like up close. She was fascinated and very gentle for a nearly-two-year-old. Then, when he recovered his senses enough to chirp a bit and fly over to my counter, we brought him to the front door, I put him on DD’s hand, and he flew into our tree to be observed from the front window for a few minutes more.

(sigh… i had a nice home-done french manicure on friday… but I used cheapo nail polish and it’s all gone. And I don’t have super wrinkly arms, my hand was just twisted at a wierd angle. LOL)

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