Happy Bday, DH!

Happy Birthday, DH! aka Mr. Lorchick! hahaha. I know what your favourite present ever ever ever was… our little DD!

There are many faces to DH. Most of them are pretty happy faces!

He can have a serious side, too. And there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his little DD.

And she feels the same way, even going out of her way to try and make him pretty when he’s sleeping. hahaha. (with mommy’s fav scarf, no less)

However, he can be plenty pretty all on his own. HAHAHAHAHA! (rofl) If I don’t ever blog again it is because he strangled me for posting this picture on my blog. But when I was looking through my files for some fav pics of him I just couldn’t resist!

Seriously, though, happy 24th birthday, hunny! (yes, 24… and I’m younger still. By one year. Yes, I said my age! I think I’m getting over it – if I want to act 55 or 15 alternately at the age of 23, I will do it proudly, i think! Okay, wait, I just remembered I’m not 23, I’m 22. And a half. Whatever. I am a little embarrassed that I forget my age already, but no shame for me today, after posting that fairywings picture of him.)

(that’s his gnarly bare foot sticking out, for the record. LOL)

I sure am not where I would have pictured myself five years ago. (grad 04, baby!) Actually, five years ago we had been dating for one month. Holy cow… time has flown! Anyways, I was going to be the single, successful entrepeneur. I also was not expected to be able to keep plants or relationships alive, never mind a small child and grown man. However, said grown man happened to be even more stubborn than I am, and everything changed. And I couldn’t be more grateful!

So here’s to the man who turned everything upside down, and the view is actually pretty good from here! Happy Birthday, Babe! (You may have caught *me*, but I think my girls and I did a pretty good job of holding onto you, hm? haha)

And one more bonus picture, illustrating rather clearly why I fell in love with him:

Yup. That’s a Canada flag. In his pants. Because it was Canada Day, that’s why.

One thought on “Happy Bday, DH!

  1. hey, I popped in via Simple Mom because your comment tickled my fancy. Love it! All of it. I’m livin’ the redneck dream in the middle of nowhere Saskatchewan, I’ll add you to my reader and look forward to gettin’ to know you a bit.


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