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Hurley Family Adoption

I was randomly clicking ‘next’ on the little blogger bar on the top of the pages and I stumbled upon this family’s blog. Thier story moved me to tears and I wanted to try and send as many of you as possible over there to go and help. They are trying to raise funds to make up the difference needed to adopt little Wes, and they need to raise over $8,000.

Quoted directly from thier blog, Hurley Family Adoption:

Dear Friends, We got a call from our adoption agency on Monday before Easter, that literally dropped us to our knees. Wes is in a special program, where donors (probably from the corporate world) pay for a portion of the adoption for special needs kids. The agency told us that, due to the economy, a major donor had pulled their support. For us, this translates to a deficit of $8,430.00. We trust in God’s economic system, not the worlds. There are over 100 children affected by this change in funding. Please join us in prayer on behalf of these precious children that each family will somehow still be able to bring their child home, and none of this group will be left behind to languish in an orphanage.

The way the special needs system in China works, the children are “listed” by their orphanage as being eligible for adoption. The files of the children are listed with agencies for about 6 months, if no family is found, the file is returned. After the file is returned to China, in most cases, that child NEVER gets listed again. In other words; this is their one and only shot to no longer be one of 147,000,000 orphans in the world. Miraculously, Wes’s file has been in the US for 1 ½ years—we know God kept him on the list until we found him. Children who‘s special needs do not allow them to attend school, literally never leave the walls of the orphanage until they are 14 years old, at which time, it is very common for them to be kicked out into the street. If they are lucky, they can be trained to help take care of other children at the orphanage, and are able to stay on as a worker.

God has called us to adopt, it is our mission field at this point in our lives. We have never adopted just because we want more kids. Of course we get all the fun and joy that comes with kids, but that is not what it’s about for us. We desire to walk in obedience to God, not only showing these precious children the love of a family, and hope for their future, but MOST importantly, a chance to know Jesus Christ as their savior. We know we serve a God who can do exceedingly, abundantly more than we can ever ask or imagine, please join us in asking Him for a way to save these kids. We wait in great anticipation to see what God will do, because we know He is in the miracle working business, He moves mountains.Please pray that we will have wisdom and discernment on what endeavors might help provide the needed funds for Wes’s adoption, and glorify Him.

Learn to do good, seek justice, rebuke the oppressor, defend the fatherless, plead for the widow. Isaiah 1:17

They do have the option to directly donate up on thier blog, but they are also trying to raise funds by selling greeting cards featuring the lovely artwork done by thier daughter Kristen (as shown above), as well as many other things like hand-smocked dresses and customized clothing, including new and gently-used items. Take some time to wander over there, whether to buy, to donate, or just to offer support in whatever way you can!

(and if you’re wondering why the first few posts say december, it’s december *09* to keep those important posts at the top!)

2 thoughts on “Hurley Family Adoption

  1. Bless you!! BTW- I love the pink dress pattern, wish I had the shape to wear it. Your red envelope post was wonderful too! Thank you so much for sending friends to our blog! Janet


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