Ewww + Linkies

Ok, so this morning I am a sicky ew gross mess. Sniffly and weepy and yuck. I totally gross myself out when I am sick, no lie. And then I drink coffee like I think it’s the cure, so I’m wide awake and disgusting instead of in a happily zoned-out kind of place like a decent sick person should be. It’s depraved.

So since I don’t see me doing anything of value myself over the next few days, I’ll point you in some other directions!

KatyDid’s Flower Collar Tutorial Very chic, I could totally see myself making a bunch of those flowers while watching TV and stitching them onto the collar of a little dress or something for DD. Not in quite the bib way, a bit different. Hopefully I actually do it and can illustrate what I mean. hahahaha. right. Me, do something. It’s been a while. D:

Ottobre Design Blog’s Pink Linen Dress Modification Um, why did I not know about Ottobre Design Blog until I saw it on thier site yesterday? It’s not very old, but it basically shows some of the things from in the mag, plus some ideas on modifying the patterns that they had after the mag was sent out. I think I like the knit fabric original that thier modification is based off of… I also think if you used a knit fabric it’d be really easy to fudge this dress with no pattern whatsoever. It’s on my to-do list, so we’ll see how the fudging goes. If it goes poorly, I can just go cry in a corner and eat fudge, sooo… win-win.

CocoKnits Pleated Ballet Flats (knitting) ($6) Truth: I can knit, and quickly, but I have only knit one project in the last YEAR, which is Gigi and is not finished yet b/c I put the buttons on inside out and got really mad when I finished and realized that and hid it. Which is a tiny thing and takes like half an hour to fix, so maybe I will do that today. But you totally sympathize, right? Sometimes even though you know something is only a tiny problem you are so mad you don’t fix it? Maybe I’m just nuts and it’s just me. Anyways, these ballet flats are truly adorable. So maybe instead of picking up the crochet hook next time I need a yarn fix, I’ll pull this out of my favs list (it’s been in there for a while now!) and whip these beauties up.

I think these three projects are currently topping my mental to-do list right now, but that list is totally ADD-generated and switches all the time – it’s highly possible that I wind up doing none of these. But I love them anways.

What’s on your “I-swear-I-will-mostlikely-probably-hopefully-maybe-do-these” list…??

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