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I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of ‘confessions’ lately, and for some reason it feels like a confession that I just realized I am sort of a Twilighter. I’m almost embarassed about it, I have sort of mixed feelings I think. Here’s the deal… I watched the movie and really enjoyed it. My absolute favourite scene was the baseball scene, which I think is kind of hilarious, but I swear it replays in my head at random times. It was a well executed, dynamic, visually appealing scene; it could have been twice as long and I would have been thrilled. Let’s pause a moment to state that I don’t like baseball, at all. No appeal whatsoever. But I just adored this scene. I think it was just the way it was done – i would totally watch baseball if the players flipped thier bats around in showoffish fashions and the pitchers looked like they were doing baseball ballet. It just held so much visual appeal to me.
After I watched the movie, about a month ago I guess, I decided to read the book, and also that I would buy the movie (which I did, yesterday. I’ll also add that the last movie I bought was Anchorman, and it was actually bought for me, so the last movie I bought was a workout video approximatly five years ago. I don’t normally watch movies – or read books! – more than one time.)
Eventually I casually got around to reading the book, and I finished it in a few hours. This might sound like a feat to some people, but that’s just how I read – each book in the series took me around the same amount of time. I enjoyed it so much that I read it again the next day.

Another pause, and I’ll say that I have read lots of bad reviews and heckling on the series. I am not going to stand here and say that Stephanie Meyer is the best author ever, nor that she is the worst. For me, personally, and obviously for many others too, I was captivated and interested. From the back-and-forth things online and offline, I feel guilty about this for some reason. I don’t know if I should or not, but I do. I think I’m supposed to be too serious, too adult, I don’t know. I totally realize that there are cougars stalking Robert Pattison all over the world right now, so age can be irrelevant, but I think it might be more that I feel like I am just not supposed to enjoy Twilight. But I do! Chalk it up to my ADD maybe, or the fact that I was a lot like Bella, attitude-wise, in highschool – which i am sure half the girls in the world can say in some form or another. I have always been a person who enjoys being alone, and who enjoys her peers but does not necessarily really rely on or need them all the time. (I go crazy if I do not have several hours of ‘alone time’ every day, which is kind of a feat when you’re a mom.)

This is going way longer than I meant it to. haha.

Okay, summarize it. There were many things in the books that I liked, and many that I liked less. When I reread the last book I skipped the middle part. I also disliked New Moon. I think I was only interested in the Bella-Edward parts of the series. Perhaps this can be analyzed and my psyche can be delved into. I don’t care. Maybe I just loved it because Edward is sparkly and I have ADD and sparkly things appeal to me. Hahahahaha.

Moving On. Robert Pattinson. I think he’s a good actor. I don’t know yet if he’s great. I thought he sounded almost swedish sometimes while he played Edward. lol. I think he could have tried a little less hard to hide his english accent, Bella does mention that sometimes he sounds like he’s from another time, the english accent thing wouldn’t have hurt that at all.

I wound up watching all the extended features. I felt overwhelmed by the overwhelming fans at the interviews and stuff. I laughed whenever Robert Pattinson was onscreen. I even learned his name, which I do not always bother to do. I enjoy movies, but I don’t often really care, beyond that.

I was surfing the net and wound up watching one of his interviews on youtube. Then another. Then another, and another. Not because I was dazzled by his antigravitational hair, but because I wound up laughing out loud for every one. Or at least smirking broadly.
I think I might actually be more a Robert Pattinson fan than a twilight fan. Who knows. I am interested to see him go on to do more parts and see if he can do more than just brood, as an actor. I would love to see him in a comedy, to be honest – I have to laugh at all his interviews, I wonder how he’d do in a comedy flick. At the end of the day though, I have to say, I think he appeals to me because he’s the kind of person I love being friends with. I actually have a friend or two with the same kind of attitude, and I love people like that, who don’t take themselves too seriously and are easy to laugh with. I’m not going to be lining up anywhere to scream at him anytime soon. I think all that is absolutely ridiculous.
I’d also like to put it out there that I’m not some twilightcougar either – I never bring up my age, because sometimes I am embarrassed by how young I am, and I am not sure if that’s because I act old for my age and embarassed by how old I’m mistaken for, or if I am “old for my age” and want to be taken seriously so I’m embarrassed by my age. But to be completely honest, I think he might be older than me, either that or the same age. It’s very close, regardless. Also, I am not a screeching fangirl who would ever throw myself on him or even show up at an event because he would be there. But I do think I would enjoy hanging out with him, because, as I said, from watching his interviews, I think I would spend most of the time laughing, and I love people like that.

So. I don’t know how to summarize that post. I guess… I like Twilight, I like Robert Pattinson, I am more than a little amused with myself by those things. I joked to my husband that I feel like I’m on the verge of putting up posters on my wall. He enjoyed the movie and will probably be “Team Jacob” while I am “Team Edward”, by the way, but aside from that he says he wouldn’t have bought the movie, himself. It can also be noted that he, too, is amused by the fact that I went and bought all the books – I do not buy reading books. (I buy craft books. I borrow reading books, read them once, and give them back within the week.)

At the end of the day, I don’t know what my actual opinion is on Twilight. It’s like an addiction – I’m not going to brag about it, but I’m willing to admit it, and I enjoy it, but feel guilty about it. lol.

2 thoughts on “Twilight

  1. OK so I’m with you. I’m a closeted Twilight reader! I read the first book and absolutely loved it and then, like you, struggled to maintain interest in New Moon.. I ended up rushing through the whole book just to get to the last 75 pages when Edward comes back on the scene..
    I have a thing for vampires, its an ongoing problem šŸ˜¦


  2. LOL! I read the books, and they’re ok. I too, read like you, but I buy mine and trade them off. I think what appeals is I’m a romance reader and I like horror and it’s got both.

    I’m not a fan, tho. I read them because of my 13 year old sister and a lack of bookage one day, and I’ve seen the movie because of her, but I don’t like it or the actor overmuch, I’m more into nerdy guys. I think anything you enjoy is cool. After my fangirl over LotR I am not going to tease you about it for sure.

    Twilight is like Harry Potter. I did enjoy that and did buy the books at midnight and I do like the movies. It’s the next HP is all it is, and we all need some fun in our lives.


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