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Chicken Club Pizza

Okay, I have no pictures of the finished product, because by the time I thought about it, there was nothing left on the cutting board but some crummies and a pizza cutter!

My galpal in BC introduced me to panago’s Chicken Club Pizza and I fell in love, so this is my attempt at reproduction. My DH loved it dipped in Ranch dressing, and galpal ate the original dipped in some ranch dip variation, but I like it best naked.


Pizza Crust (see above photo for my favourite SUPER QUICK recipe – don’t worry, it’s not a copyrighted recipe, to my knowledge… it’s from a church cookbook.)

Red Onion
2 chicken breasts
mozza cheese, shredded
deli ham (i used shaved honey ham)
Ranch Dressing

Fry up the chicken breasts in a drizzle of olive oil with a sprinkle of seasoning salt on each side – medium heat, about 4/5 min per side. Cool and dice the chicken.
Prepare the dough, if necessary, and spread a layer of ranch dressing on the pizza crust in the same way you would pizza sauce.
Cover the ranch dressing with a layer of deli ham slices, then sprinkle with diced red onion (to taste, but probably around 1/4 of a cup of diced red onion.

Toss on the chicken and the mozza, then pop it into the oven for 20 minutes and you’re good to go!

I found this pizza to be absolutely DELICIOUS. My DH declared it to be the best pizza he’d ever eaten (however he says this every time I make homemade pizza, so i wouldn’t put too much stock in that.)

6 thoughts on “Chicken Club Pizza

  1. yumm. I have a recipe that adds cream cheeseto the dressing. I love your blog, it has nice homey style. If you were here- I’d pick you for a good friend. Your pic of your dd and the cat is so cute. Mine are all grown.


  2. This looks great! You just posted a ? to our blog and I did not know how else to reach you. Our blog is active, we just had to date some posts for Dec 09 so they would stay at the top and not keep moving down. We’re new to blogging, and have not yet discovered another way to keep certain posts at the top. Thanks


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