Hi from the Vancouver area!!

So I had a safe and mostly pleasant flight to the Vancouver area. I was fortunate enough to be on a brand new airplane, only a week old. Did I say fortunate? I meant “five hours in an airplane with a toddler and no tv”. Fortunatly she spent two of those hours napping, and after the stopover in the middle there was an empty seat beside me so she could wriggle around some more. (She’s under two so she was free, which roughly translates to ‘sweating all over mommy’s lap’, also known as ‘NEVER. AGAIN.’)

My girlfriend’s sisters in law and thier kids joined us and we all checked out the zoo. I met a giraffe! DD declared over and over again that it was to be referred to as a “MOO!” We also saw some lions, rode on a little train (CHOO CHOO!) and walked past a coyote (in a cage) who paced back and forth in front of DD eyeing her up and clearly fantasizing about chomping down on that tender little morsel. (Doggy!!! Doggy!!!) Regardless of whether there is two fences in between the animal and your baby, it is incredibly creepy when an animal decides he wants to eat your child and stalks her. I picked her up and hustled out of there; not necessarily for any logical reason but just because that scruffy thing was bothering the heck out of me.

I also did some good shopping. Ohoho. GAP and International Mens Clothing really treated me nicely today. It’s a rare shopping trip where I find something great on an amazing sale and just the perfect size for every member of my little family. Apparently I’m just shopping in the wrong province though. lol.

When I get back next wednesday I should have some good photos for you. I got some really cool ones of that giraffe, especially.

Oh… and why am I blogging on vacation? Because there’s a few hours time difference and everyone else is still abed. DD was up 5:30 BC time. 😉

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