Yesterday and Today (jewelry)

So I’ve kind of been a bit restless these last few days, and didn’t feel much like homemaking. I kept my house clean and my child happy, but other than that, I didn’t feel much like continuing the organization and purge process in the office, so it’s still not completely done. Instead, I made some jewelry.

This ‘keys to my heart’ set will probably be for sale when I’m finished/happy with it… it will NOT be staying on the bathtub chain (I can’t think of those necklaces as anything but.) I just needed something to keep the charm on for now.

The earrings are wooden earrings I have had for ages, and they are HUGE. When I was done the necklace they happened to match. It’s turquoise and some sort of stone bead. My new summer go-to, I think. I would require a bit of persuading to part with this set.

This particular necklace is composed of shell, jade, and more of the stone beads. The jade beads were chosen by DD… this is HER necklace! (her PRETTY, actually) I got tired of her taking off with my strands of beads and semiprecious stones (!!!) and after she nearly ate some jade (!!!!!!!!) I caved and made her a necklace to please her. She picked some of the pieces and I (hastily) put it together.

She seems very happy with it, although unwilling to let me photograph it.

I was, however, allowed to (supposed to) photograph this:

Kitty: HALP!

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