Lazy Mom Confession

I have a confession to make. Or maybe it’s more of a tip, I’m not entirely sure. Regardless, here is the photographic evidence:

No, no, not the fact that DH has not fixed the wall/ceiling yet, I don’t feel shame over that because it has something to do with the fact that he can’t finish it until the weather improves, in relation to the attic. Don’t know, don’t care. These rooms will be partially unfinished until whatever star alignment clicks into place, and then I will worry more about finishing them.

No, I’m referring to the bowl up there on top of the microwave hutch. That is my ‘catch-all’ bowl. When I have some papers I don’t want to lose but don’t really have anywhere for it to go… in the bowl. Earrings annoying me… in the bowl. The lighter I hide from my hubby so I have it available to light candles? Bowl. Polysporin? Bowl. Ipod? Bowl. Coupons? Broken necklace? Bowl.

I actually recommend having something like this. Provided that you do go through and empty the bowl when it starts to fill up, of course. It’s really nice to be able to toss things in that bowl and out of sight, things that would normally take up valuable counter or table space, and provide visual clutter. The fact that it is a bowl instead of a drawer really emphasizes that it is not a permanent residence and that I do need to go through it from time to time and find a home for some things.

Well, except for that lighter. And whatever else I don’t want my hubby to find. (wink)

One thought on “Lazy Mom Confession

  1. I’m loving your confession! You will see my “bowl” on my kichen counter in the picture on my post today. The big basket on my counter is full of all the stuff that I need to do something with. There is even an expandable file in there. It holds coupons for restaurants, papers for school, pills to be paid etc. The theory is that I put all the junk in there and when company comes I can easily pick up that basket and put it in a closet. That’s the theory anyway! Thanks for joining the party!


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