april fools · jewelry · meatloaf

April Fools! + Mermaid’s Treasure necklace

Glorious music falls from the heavens as light shines around supper; mom is plunking a cake down on the table! However could I, The Princess, get so lucky? Look at those beauteous flowers, the best mommy has ever piped. (granted, would have been better had they been multicoloured, but points for trying)


But alack and alas, it is just potatos and meatloaf. Really flavourful and yummy on both counts (ladies, if you aren’t using 50% ground pork AT LEAST in your meatloaf, give yourself a spank RIGHT NOW. And then go make a meatloaf.) but potatos and meatloaf nonetheless.

DH could not stomach very much of the potatoes, apparently he’s a pretty visual eater and couldn’t get past the fact that they were green. However, my meatloaf was forgiven.

I’ll be honest, aside from the joy in nicole’s eyes when I plonked a cake down on the supper table, I think I really only amused myself on this one, as DH was not feeling super awesome at the time. But I really and truly amused myself, so who gives a poo. Ha. I heart me.

If you are my swap partner, perlabelle, and you happen to read my blog, LOOK AWAY. LOOOOK AWAAAAAAY.

It was the One Tiny Thing swap, and the theme I picked out of her list of five was mermaids. I call this the Mermaid’s Treasure necklace. The shell is 1″ approx, to give you a basic idea. I decided that I would make a necklace of ‘found items’ that a mermaid would consider to be treasure. Holding it together is an old fishing hook I mangled (and removed the sharp edges of course)… some of the items are vintage : heart locket, key, blue rose bead.

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