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Cheeseburger Salad (sans bun and burger) code name: Pickies and Chez!

This is a new fav in my house. It’s been in my mind for a while, but I decided to execute it the other day instead of the usual caesar salad because it went better with my meal plan. My DH is a Picky Eater to the nth degree. I figured since we had company over that day he could stuff it, but much to my surprise he loved it. Even more to my surprise, my 20 month old DD loves it to pieces as well!

I decided to share this salad. Demonstrating the ease of the making of this salad (not really, she just loves to help me so I give her her little duties) is DD.

Ingredients :

lettuce, or a bag of premade salad (anything Plain Jane works. romaine and iceburg are both fine, even American Blend with carrots, radish, etc works)

pickles (crisp dill pickles)

shredded cheese, chedder or chedder-mozza blend

optional: tomato

Put the salad in the bowl. Dice up some pickles and throw them in. If you want to give a fancy presentation, you can add the ranch dressing at this point, and the tomato diced up with as little juicies and as much flesh as possible, and toss, saving the cheese as a topper.

If you really like pickles, you may want to eat some of them. I don’t use exact measurements, but a handful or two of diced pickles is good, to taste. Half a cup or so, if you really need measurements.

Now add the cheese. If you’re doing it fancy and have already tossed the salad, sprinkle the cheese over top so it’s a nice even layer. You want about as much cheese as pickles. I use preshredded cheese in a Tex Mex combo, but any chedder or chedder-mozza mix works.

If you didn’t do it fancy, then toss the salad after adding the cheese. I find I like the taste a bit better when it’s tossed at the end, but the presentation is better with the cheese on top. It depends on what you’re going for. For the amount of dressing, just add it as you toss it until you get the desired consistancy. Either Ranch or Bacon Ranch work great.

While waiting for daddy to come home, we like to snoop the cheese back off the top of the salad. 😉

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