My little goof

I am more and more in love with my little goofie every day. Her personality is starting to become more and more vivid. She can be a real brat, no doubt about it. But even when she is being a brat and a half, she makes me grin.

Her daddy and I can both be kind of goofy sometimes, and we both tend to have (two different) odd senses of humour. Right now DD loves to play this silly little game where she tries to lick me. It’s kind of gross but it makes us both laugh our bums off. (this next picture is probably one of the most unflattering pictures of me ever, as I am trying to get my head as far away from her as possibly and thusly have like six chins instead of a neck, but it makes me laugh, and thusly is awesome.)
It makes me grin to see that she is unabashedly silly and she loves to make other people smile and laugh. She always has to make sure everyone is in on the action, even if it’s a matter of trying to get Kitty to talk on the phone.

Speaking of Kitty….

For some reason this picture makes my brain think “disrespectful cat is disrespectful”
ahahaha. But seriously. No respect. If he didn’t make Nicole so happy… I have to be honest, i give him a little kick every now and then. Just a love tap. Not like I hoof him in the side out of the blue. More like if he’s running infront of me “MROW”ing away, I nudge him in the bum with my foot. Don’t go crying about it, he stalks my feet at night when I’m asleep, and leaps out at me from under my bedskirt when I’m doing laundry. It’s equal. lol.
So that’s my little confession of the day. I kick my cat a little bit. O:

3 thoughts on “My little goof

  1. Love! Love! Love! The tongue-licking pic! I lick my kids all the time. They are too delectable not too, and when they lick me back it cracks me up! THANKS so much for the lovliest comment EVER you left on my blog today. SO SO NICE! I happen to think the very word “laundry” in your blog title may make us kindred spirits. I’m fairly buried in it and find I bring it up in all my conversations. Ahh, laundry. You endless thing, you.Happy day!


  2. my daughter and I used to play that game too, she wasn’t the only one licking. gosh we used to laugh and laugh!! might have to try it tomorrow and see if she reponds similarly now. I kinda doubt it, I think 6 is a very serious age!! haha


  3. lol… i have to admit, i do some licking as well from time to time. Cupcake – there is no bottom to the laundry basket…. lol. it’s a myth. 😉Shell – I dunno, i think if you went up to her out of the blue she might be shocked into laughing. Or she might just go ‘EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!’ lol. But if you then perhaps pretended like said lick never happened, and then did it again when she wasn’t looking, she might laugh eventually. haha.


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