Back In Action! With pics and projects!

Okay, so one of my memory cards was found and rescued. Those of you who do not have a toddler will laugh, and those of you who have more experience with toddlers will probably wonder why this wasn’t the first place I looked…. BUT… my printer has not been working for a while, DD ‘did something to it and wrecked it, I don’t know’, I explained to my Darling Husband. Yesterday he setabout to fix it. “I already tried, it’s a lost cause” I explained. But he would not be so easily put off. All of the sudden, he says, “does this look like your missing memory card?” and points into the very depths of the machine. Well, we pull out my jewelry-making pliers and soon I once again have both a printer and a memory card. laaaaaaa~!

So, here’s a project. I was super ambitious yesterday and sewed up two shirts for me, and one for DD. Well, lets be honest, the grey one was mostly done already. But it turns out that in between cutting and sewing, she suddenly lost her little Buddha belly. (she was sick, and she had another growth spurt at the same time.) So while the way I finished the one shirt worked out fine because I used FOE and make it scrunchy-bunchy, but the other shirt wound up being a bit of a hack job once I tried it on her. That’s why there’s seams in front and back instead of just the sides, it’s the only way I could fix things without undoing the side/sleeves (and I did not feel like ripping seams on a refashion+waffleknit, just does not work out nicely)

So, without further ado, two shirts I bought for $1ea to turn into shirts for DD… done!

I even put a tag in so DH can figure out what way it goes. lol.
cute little tag I made. it’s deliberatly offcentery. I’m not THAT special. plus it was clear stamps, which even I can handle. then the ink was heat-set. hopefully it washes well! I’ve seen this technique used a bunch online lately and I hope it works for me!

The red one… it doesn’t look so awkward on her as it does on the couch.

Tag on the bottom on the front of the shirt, with a zigzag for interest and in case the iron-on hem tape I used tries to start peeling on the edges.

Modelling the grey shirt… (will have to take a picture of the red one modelled later) (those jeans are new (Joe Fresh,) aren’t they precious? $15 !! She grew some legs so only two pairs of jeans fit her and one was dirty and one was wet. So we wore the dirty pair to go buy more! LOL!) (I will add that my house is not as messy as it looks here, but that slipcover really does need a wash. Actually, I’m thinking of dying it brown… but not sure if it’s worth it considering I’m sewing up new cushion covers for a different couch set soon and these couches will hit the trash)

And lastly, a glamour shot. (rolleyes) yes, we’re hitting that stage. Early start on the Terrible Twos (she’s 20 months tomorrow) I asked her to smile and I got see-food instead. Charming. And don’t think it was an accident. She’s been doing it to me all day.
That giant mouth come from daddy, by the way; I’ve been playfully accused of being the genetic donor of that attribute, but mine is more metaphorical than literal. Daddy could fit a Chevy in his yap if he wanted to.

edit: modelled pink/red shirt:

One thought on “Back In Action! With pics and projects!

  1. Thanks for the fun comment on my MADE blog. I’m glad you enjoy reading! And these shirts you made are adorrrrrable! They turned out great. You make me want to sew with some knits. Cute stuff!


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