Amaretto Black Forest Cake · recipe


Okay so, life happened, as it always does, and I was not able to decorate today. 😦
However, I made CAKE! and, still no pictures. But I’ll share anyways.


1 pkg chocolate cake mix (+eggs, oil, water)
1 can cherry pie filling
whipping cream
icing sugar
Amaretto (I use Disarrono)
optional: chocolate chips/chunks

Make the cake mix as the box directs. Add some amaretto, about a shot I guess, I just wing’er. When it’s all blended up and good to go, add most of a can of cherry pie filling, reserving some for garnish. Try to get most of the sauce/jelly stuff out and have mainly just plain cherries left. If you like extra chocolatey, you can add some chocolate chips or chunks, but I find it’s better without. Mix for another 30 seconds or so, enough to blend it all in but try not to puree the cherries. Bake in 2 circular cakes pans.

When cooled, whip the whipping cream and add another shot or two of amaretto (to taste) and about half a cup of icing sugar (to taste and/or consistancy preference) Try not to make the topping too sweet though, as the cake is going to be pretty rich. If you’re going all out, you can prepare a pudding for the filling (feel free to add amaretto to that too) Or I like to make a smaller amount of extra-strong Amaretto Whipped Cream for the middle, too. Ice the cake generously with the Amaretto Whipped Cream (or just eat the Amaretto Whipped Cream, and then make more and ice the cake with that) and then garnish with reserved cherries.

If you want to make it super pretty you can also garnish with chocolate shavings.

This cake is rich and delish and waaaaay easier to make than it tastes like it should have been. Nomnomnom.
I have a serious love of semi-homemade things, if you couldn’t tell. Ha. I’m such a hack ;D

I’ll try to post pictures when I have a memory card and cake that hasn’t been etted at both at the same time. But I’m sure you get the idea.

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