Valentine Topiaries (or blue lollipops)

I made cute little valentine’s day topiaries! Blue to match my livingroom of course. lol. Although my husband says they look like decorations for a baby shower, and/or lollipops. So they’re valentine’s lollipops. I care not. I like them anyways.

I put them in mugs because I dont have little flowerpots, but hopefully I can remedy that soon. This is not an original idea. I don’t remember who or where, but it’s probable it’s through Daily DIY on One Pretty Thing that I found it…. I don’t remember whose! It was green hearts, for st. patty’s day, and i LOVED it. Paper from stash, styrofoam balls from stash (wut?!), chopsticks painted white from kitchen drawer (lolz) and of course dressmakers pins from stash.
Either side of the TV was honestly the best place I could find for them. LOL. sad. I need to put some shelves up in my livingroom or something, other than my three tiny trinket shelves.

(I know this looks super messy but it’s the messiest place in the livingroom and isn’t worth fixing because it will be messy again in 3.5 seconds!)

Bonus: random shots of DD chatting on the phone with her grandma, and my new hair colour, which is black-brown and was supposed to be chocolatey brown just to richen up my tone a little. I was initially sure it was fade to the intended colour, and then horrified that it didn’t, and now it’s growing on me. (photo complete with no makeup tiredfaced mommyperson) The hair straightener and I aren’t on great terms so it’s only as straight as nature gave me, which is actually pretty straight. (to my complete consternation, as my inner self wants long curlish wavy mary-kate-and-ashley locks, but in brown)

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