Too cute tute

Everybody check out this tutorial from maya-made for making adorable elf slippers out of felted sweaters. TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.
I’m going to have to do this after my current project. The current project is my office. I want to a) decorate it and b) make it DD-friendly so i can go in there when she’s awake. Thus far my work has involved :

ONE shelf being gloriously modpodged in b/w papers
TWO large gashes in my thumb from taking down a painted-on shelf (thankyou, original homeowners.)
THREE colours to decorate the office (black, pink, green – tentative)
FOUR big holes in the wall from removing the shelf (ehehe… hello, putty! let’s hide that…)

I’d get it all down sooner but I have to work when DD is asleep. I also do not want to wake her with banging. I also need DH to go to Canadian Tire today and get a bookshelf on sale for me ($37, normally $50! nice tall one, too) and it has to be TODAY because after that it’s not on sale anymore. And then I got the Giant Tiger flyer yesterday and they have canvas tote boxes with chalkboard fronts for just under $5 ea, decent sized too! So I must run and buy a bunch of those to put on my bookshelf. mwahaha. Organization, here we come! (RE-organization. It was done nicely, but DD could and did reach and demolish a lot of it. So the lower stuff now goes on the higher areas of said bookshelf.)

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