Getting Over the Post-Holiday Blahs

Okay, so I’ve had a major case of the post-holiday blahs. I think the biggest thing was, I was really thrown off my routine for two weeks. I wasn’t really doing anything creative, or doing any blogging, or anything of that nature. And it’s amazing (read: ridiculous, frustrating, etc) how much weight you can put on during first the holidays and then the, in my case, extra two weeks of post-holiday blahs. I need to get my Wii Fit game asap man! lol. I’m also starting, not a diet, but eating healthier. But I’m kickstarting it with two weeks of Slimfast, so that I may be grateful to eat the healthy food instead of sucking nutriets through a straw. I think eating healthy is easier if you torture yourself for a bit first to make it feel like an upgrade ;D
I started a nice project today, a little something to kickstart me… adding a crochet trim to the bottom of a too-short cami. Let me state, I am not normally a huge fan of adding crochet bits to shirts to upsize them, because often it’s more function than fashion and you can really tell that’s what is going on. But I want to do something frilly and fun, a real nice trim. Worst case scenario, I don’t wear it, which is pretty much where it sits right now (it’s a nasty feeling polyester thing. not the smartest cami. but a good practise run)
I also drafted a raglan Tshirt pattern today, I’ll make one in the next few days and share the results, and then if anyone wants I’d be more than happy to share the pattern. I can’t scan it in or anything, so it’d really be a photo of the pattern with directions on how to draw it out yourself. And a nice hint for post-holiday stuff…. I use wrapping paper to draft patterns on!

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