Okay, firstly, thanks to those who showed thier concern! I really appreciate it, you have no idea.
Secondly, my brain is feeling a lot less fuzzy as of yesterday evening and then again today. I feel a lot clearer. That’s a relief, nothing sucks quite as much as not having your wits about you. I’m still a bit dumber than I’d like to think I usually am (lol, i may be giving myself too much credit) but I don’t feel like my brain is sluggish anymore. I’m going to assume that was a result of a knock or two to the head. It also turns out that while I do not have any prior problems with blood pressure, or fainting, it turns out that I have a family history of it, with no diagnosis ever reached as to why. Comforting/not comforting kind of thing. lol.

Anyways. I’m going to shift you off to Petchy’s blog, Made By Petchy, to see her tutorial on quickly and easily making toddler aprons out of dishtowels. I’ve seen some really cute dishtowels at my local dollar store so I’m thinking I’ll be making some cute aprons for my little-person gifts! So without any further ado, get thee hence!

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