Okay, here’s the thing… I still intend to post and be normal and everything, life is normal plzkthx. But in case I seem to drop of the face of the planet, here’s the scoop…
Last night at about 2am I was up with my DD and suddenly in the middle of changing her (no, I’m not normally up with her at 2am, she is 17 mos after all, but she was not feeling awesome yesterday, constipated, poor baby, and finally got somewhere with it.) Anyways, so I’d be up for about five minutes or so already, when suddenly I started feeling woozy and kind of faint. I thought for a second I might faint, but decided will power wins out, because I’ve never fainted in my whole life, and kept changing the diaper. My next aware thought was that I kind of hurt, I’d passed out, very uncomfortable all over my DD’s little Princesses table set. She was still on the change table, and still lying there, so i must have only been out for the fall and the bang. I got up and removed the dirty diaper and folded it up, then started to feel faint again, and my head was ringing, so I got on my knees and tried to stay concious, calling for my DH to come because I was clearly having problems and was afraid for DD. I had decided that I had succeeded in not passing out, but I changed my mind when I woke up lying on the floor with a crying DD looking down at me from her changing table (might have been out a little longer this time)… banged my head on a little Princesses chair (ouch, nice face mark for me. lovely.)
So then I shoved a new diaper on DD faster than you’d believe (and halfassed as can be, i assure you) and ran to our bedroom with her to wake up DH and tell him he had to take her because I kept fainting. Then I laid down and that stopped me from fainting the third time. DD was very upset and worried for me and she kept hugging and kissing me to reassure herself (poor baby.)

So, that’s clearly not a great thing, seeings as how there is no obvious medical reason for that to have happened. My doctor is sending me to a few specialists, including a cardiologist. My heart is racing, apparently (had not noticed) and my blood pressure drops like a rock when I stand up, then goes back to normal when I sit. I’m getting some tests done on monday, and have a series of doctor appointments coming up now to figure out what is wrong. In addition to that, I’m not supposed to drive, or take showers or baths without DH nearby in case I faint. And if I pass out again I am to go to the hospital right away with a letter from my Doctor that she wrote for me.

Soooo. Yeah. I feel woozy and kind of foggy, I can bring myself to focus but I have to actually do that, it isn’t just there. This all really came out of nowhere, I’ve been feeling fine until this morning, I am not anemic or pregnant or on any sort of medications. I’m 22 years old so this is kind of random, and my daughter is 17 months so it’s not likely to be a post-partum kind of dealio.
Hopes and prayers it’s nothing big! Nothing ruins a good holiday season like a medical emergency. I hope this is just a crappy week in the making and nothing more. But if I disappear from the net without any notice, I might wind up needing some prayers.

I’m a big enough person to admit in a small small voice that I am a little bit scared. Life will continue as usual as much as possible, if a bit paler and woozier. (and hey, I did hit my head TWICE last night, so the foggy-woozy thing could be from that. lol)

3 thoughts on “Ummm…

  1. I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I am a silent follower of you blog and although you don’t know me I wish you all the best!!I hope that you are feeling better soon and that nothing serious is wrong!!You are in my thoughts and prayers!Sylvie


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