Giveaway Post

Hi, for those of you wandering over from Craft and Found, the giveaway post mentioned can be found here : http://onthelaundryline.blogspot.com/2008/12/draw.html

I’m going to be doing a children’s item swap through Craftster. I’m ridiculously excited. My item to make will be some little crocheted stuffies, which I’ve never done before but I’m going to freehand. In fact, I think I shall run off and do that now while I watch All My Children! (oh, Annie, you are some crazy lady.) (I am sad that they killed off Babe, I’d love to switch her back on and throw out Bianca for the trade, for some reason Bianca just drives me nuts, I want to smack her. “oh, my mother is such an angel, blahblahblah.” At least Kendall is more like “My mom is one conniving lady, but she’s got Girl Power and I just love her.” But I digress… I loved Babe.)

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