I was just peeking at DD because we were making a lot of noise banging around with some more christmas stuff and such… I crept up and watched her sleep for a minute, she was restless and then she opened her eyes and looked at me. I froze, certain that a loud wail was imminent as our eyes locked. She blinked sleepily at me, then said, “Byyyye,” waved, and rolled over. As she fell back asleep the rest of the way, she firmly muttered, “NO,” probably to make sure I didn’t think she was being compliant, and then drifted off.
DD models a boyhat that I whipped up in grey and blue, inspired by and made for one of her friends.

I bought her that coat I wanted so badly. I bought it in size 18 months, and hopefully it is big enough that it will fit her this year and again next year. It was on sale for 20-something bucks! It’s dry clean only, but I’m not exactly planning on feeding her while she’s wearing her winter sunday coat, so not such a huge deal.
Can’t wait to take a picture of her in it.

NOMNOMNOM! mini cakes, from a mix, with a cherry in each one, and glazed with a thrown together mix of baking chocolate, icing sugar, and coffee. I also glazed a large cake with the stuff as well… very good. I’m super in to the whole chocolate + coffee flavour sensations. I’m also super into the semi-homemade thing… not as lazy as just from in a mix or store bought, but just lazy enough for me. 😀

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