Out of the depths, i SUMMON THEE!

We put on our boot all by ourself, and we chat on the phone with no pants on. It must be friday!
Okay, so I’m a bit of a habitual lurker. I have like 60 feeds in my Bloglines thingy like, every day. But I very rarely comment (i can pretend it’s because it takes the extra click from bloglines to the actual blog, but that’s bull.)… I also view almost every single clothing item that goes through Craftster, and admire most of them, but very rarely say anything.

So today I make a vow, I will comment on at least 1-5 blogs/threads per day. That may not seem like much but it’s kind of ambitious considering with a 1 year old, moments in my computer/craft room tend to be kind of precious. She doesn’t understand ‘don’t touch’… well, okay, she does. She doesn’t have the reasoning and negotiating thing down enough to try and get something out of me for not touching yet, so she just touches. Regardless.

I’d like to encourage other people to do the same! And if you comment on this post, I promise I will go scope out your blog and say at least one thing. By which I don’t mean ‘lolz lolz ur funny n u has nice pix’ but something that indicates that I did, in fact, actually READ your blog, as opposed to just clicking to it. Like coming over for coffee!

My baby girl’s hair can fit into a full pony! *sniffle* her first one… awww. *emotional breakdown*

3 thoughts on “Out of the depths, i SUMMON THEE!

  1. Hey! I’m superhooker from craftster..I was checking out your blog so I could see more cute pics of your kiddo!! she’s adorable! I’m so glad to have you in the COWS swap!


  2. Nope, I totally understand. I just recently started trying to make friends and talk to ONE person a day I don’t usually do so to. Some days I do 3-4 then stop for a week lol. I lurk, I read, I enter contests if there’s something I really like (or my never-reads-a-blog-ever mom would), occasionally I talk, but I too check it out here.No need to worry about my blog. I JUST started it out Friday and it’s kinda dull yet.But I do enjoy the kiddo. Mine’s old enough we have fun in different ways, and it’s nice to look at her and go “aww I remember mine eating the tops off my cookies” or “aww…boys clothes are NEVER as cute as girls'”.And you can NEVER have too much coffee. Trust me.


  3. Ok – so this is an old post. But since I was lurking past it, I tbought I’d say hello and oh, by the way, you’re a talented lady. I’m adding you to my “lurk-on-a-regular-basis” list.


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