creative weekend

I DRAWLERZ A PICTURE MUM Here’s a shawl from Ottobre Winter 08. Everyone and thier dog is making the cape, including yours truly. I accidently traced the shawl too and then realized i had enough leftovers to make it. I thought it would be kind of stupid and I’d hate it but she wore it all day and loved it, and I got tons of compliments. I never thought crisscross and tie in the back a shawl before this ottobre. Nicey nice!

Try not to stare at the poor baby’s facerash. I’m waiting on the call from the dermatologist. It is just an unknown rash that refuses to go away! She’s been through a few treatments already. We think it might be eczema…

I bought this sweater for less than a buck just for making these leggings with. From my tutorial!
How sweet are those folded rib cuffs on the ankles. I love it. They just seem so cozy. That’s just how the sweater was, although it wasn’t intended to be folded (the seam shows a bit, who cares though, you don’t notice it unless you’re, well, me.) I folded the cuffs over before i did all my measuring and stuff because I wanted them to be like this. This way she’ll get more wear too, when they get too short i just uncuff them.

My model seems to have gotten over modelling lately. We have some slight lack of cooperation going on. lol.
I made that ottobre winter 08 cape as well but no pictures yet as my model is down for the night and i only just finished!
In exciting news… my brother is getting married! Which means… I get to make a flowergirl dress! Actully she will be performing the ringbearer function but dressed as a flowergirl. 😀

oh yeah and my brother gets married, too. LOL. (and i get to make a dress!)

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