My DIY is hardcore-er than your DIY….

First, you’re going to take a second and marvel at this picture for a moment. DD has decided interior decorating is her new thing, and she put together this lovely little piece de resistance for a christmastime livingroom centerpiece. It is comprised of several stolen christmas ornaments off the tree (thankfully our waistlevel-and-down ornaments are all stuffed animal type things), my dirty cereal bowl and spoon (also stolen), a soother, and a red Coupe Car. Now that you’ve all marked on your calendars to give her a call in twenty or so years to decorate your houses… This is something I’ve done before and will do again, but I’m always kind of shocked when it turns out okay. (it has turned out not okay in the past. VERY not okay)

…Cutting my own hair. This above is the back/top… below is the side. (note the oddly large head. TO FIT MY BRAINS.)

I am not missing any pieces in the middle of the side, my straightener and I aren’t talking much these days so the hair just kind of wandered off over there. It’s super short in the back and actually the front chunk is almost shoulder length when i’m not making wierdy pose attempts at taking pictures of my own hair.
I like to think the pictures don’t do it justice, but then again how much ‘action shot’ do you really get out of a mirror. lol.

I just do it in the bathroom with a pair of scissors, dry hair, and a medicine cabinet that allows me to see most of my hair at any given time. The fact that it is choppy layers makes it really easy.

I wasn’t planning on this, i was watching a podcast and some chick had funky short hair and i wanted it but my DH whines if the hair gets too short so I decided my hair was boring and needed some pepper. Jokes on him, my hair is SUPER short, it just doesn’t LOOK that way, especially from the front. sneakysneaky.

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