wowface! + sweaterdress

This is what seeing a christmas tree for the first time that you remember looks like:
Apparently after the initial ‘wow’ factor wears off, the desire to destory and dismantle kicks in. lol.
Speaking of dismantling things… I dismantled a size small Liz Claiborne merino+lambswool sweater that I paid less than a dollar for and turned it into a pretty and incredibly soft and cozy little sweaterdress. I got a bunch of compliments on it, and even more when people realized that I made it myself. I love it because it is cozy and warm and I want to give her lots of cuddles in it because she is warm and fuzzy and yum.

Sorry I don’t have any good standing pictures. She was excited today so ‘standing’ and ‘running’ kind of went hand in hand. She was such a good poser for a while there but i think she is over being a model and on to greater things (destroying the house/christmas tree.)

I whipped it up last night at about 11pm. LOL. Because… I had bought her some cute new boots that this would have looked adorable with!!!! BUT the boots turned out to be too small… as did the sunday shoes that fit her last week. She’s a little weed. She is my only little baby and she does not seem to appreciate that fact very much, as she keeps trying to grow out of it.

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