Joy to the World… or at least my Livingroom!

Man, am I psyched for Christmas. I have already made my Christmas Countdown Calender… I thought I posted the link to this already so I didn’t need to fav it but apparently I was WRONG. If anyone knows who made the pdf for these, could they send me the link so I can post it?

I finished my Cup Day Twirl Skirt and i’m not in love with it colour-wise because I just went with some random stuff from my stash (love the green, the pink should have been brighter) but I just wanted to try it and I LOVE IT. and it’s pretty easy. TOTALLY RECOMMEND.

And I’ve pumped out a few of these hats, as soon as my IRL user picks her colour I will list them on Etsy. The green will go up almost for sure though, she was teetering between pink and white. The picture of the green one, doesn’t really display the hat but I just love her expression. That is one of my favourite kid-expressions. ‘wow’

I made more fuuuuudge. This time is hearts. Yay, hearts. I think these silicone things were from Dollarama and intended to be valentine’s day ice cubes. Ohoho, i love thier holiday silicone shapes. Nothing is better for making chocolate than dollarama silicone molds cos the silicone is so thin it is easy to warp it and get out the chocolate without smooshing.

We totally put up the tree today and tonight I hope to finish decorations for the livingroom (for now) to my satisfaction, then I can take a picture and post it. I’m sitting here typing wearing a christmas plaid apron (in the middle of the cleaning spree) that I gleefully donned after finding it in a Christmas box. Ohoho, I am so in the spirit! (hopefully fending DD off of the tree doesn’t dampen that spirit over the next few weeks LOL)

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