Good Day

Today was a good day, even though i didn’t really ‘achieve’ much. I went to a women’s morning bible study at my church and enjoyed it, I’ll definitely be going again. Next week there is no study meeting but there will be a free craft period instead. I’m always up for scheduled crafting time!

In the afternoon I went shopping with a galpal, and bought… NOTHING. I know. Pretty nuts. But I did fall in love with this jacket from Children’s Place. So totally over-the-top crazy and I LOVE IT. My friend thinks I’m off my rocker, especially since the matching furry muff put me over the top, but I informed her that I live in a postcard world where everything is perfect and adorable and that she is welcome to join me. lol. I decided to wait until I go again on Monday with my SIL, and if it’s still on that sale rack then it is FATE. And if it’s not I will get it in whatever bigger size it is still there in! LOL. I love it so much.

After I finish posting this I’m going to finish my Cup Day Skirt and then I’m going to go on a rampage and put ruffles on everything I can get my grubby little hands on! Wrist cuffs, skirt edges, shirt hems. If there is a hem I will ruffle it! Yeah right, like I’m that motivated, but still, I’m loving the cuteness of little ruffles everywhere.

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