So right now I’m just browsing the websites of some of my favourite stores, fashion-wise, looking for inspiration. I wish I could share some of my favourite pictures with you, but I know that would be copyright infringement. Suffice it to say that Macy’s and Le Chateau are the websites of the day, especially Macy’s and thier plus size stuff. As a size 16 it is nice to see certain styles I’m not sure I could pull off worn by curvier girls… not all of thier stuff is modelled by curvy women but a lot of it is. It’s nice to be able to take a look at what I think could play up my best features and play down my worst ones… I have a folder in my computer of images that are zoomed in to my favourite parts of the pictures. White topstitching on a dark denim skinny jean really lengthening the leg… certain drapes, cuts, and colours… things like that. (if i can’t right click on an image, i just printscreen it, paste it, and save that). Then I’ll keep those inspirations and use parts of them when I make or buy patterns and fabrics.

I bought Christmas cookie cutters today! I saw a box of 12 for $5 at safeway, and even the little tin to keep them in was cute, so I snatched them up. I’ll keep the tin out in the open in my kitchen to remind and inspire me to bake! Also in my baking plans, I plan to make this imitation girl scout cookie – Samoas aka Caramel De Lites. I have never tried them, I’ve never even seen a real live girl scout, but they look delish and I’ll have to give them a go!

One last link before I go, I think everyone should check out One Pretty Thing. I’ll add them to my sidebar next time I update it. I can’t believe I’ve never shared them before, either. I visit this site every day, at least once a day! lol. Today they will be including my tutorial for leggings in thier daily DIY roundup. Thanks so much, Rachel! Both for sharing my tutorial and for taking the time to gather up so many inspirational ideas from blogs all over the net. I love your site!

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