Okay as you may have noticed, I’m having a few posting issues all of the sudden. I would like to post a tutorial I made for turning a long sleeve Tshirt into toddler leggings but I’d like to try and resolve my issues first. In leiu of that, I shall post the post that I have been trying to post. This was written yesterday…
I haven’t written much lately, I had a bit of a rough patch (read: all of october) but I think I’ve found back my rose tinted glasses and here we are!
firstly, check out Coverleaf, where you can check out and subscribe to online versions of tons of magazines, including Better Homes and Gardens, Parents, and other popular names.
On to me… I renewed/upped my sign up to Wardrobe Refashion for another six months, and during that time I may decide to pledge for life. It’s fun and I check out the blog every day to see what my fellow refashionistas are up to! Check out Wardrobe Refashion here.
I whipped up this hat for nicole out of some stash-yarn… i’m going to try write out the pattern for it when I remake it, I plan on making a few and selling them on Etsy, and it wouldn’t hurt if I could sell the pattern, too… and give it away to a few friends of course. : )

and here’s a small awkward picture that shows the halloween costume I fashioned for myself! Unfortunatly between the black chair behind me and the scrappy shaggy skirt combined with the black leggings my legs look very sausagey, I assure you they are not, lol… and the face isn’t so lovely either haha. hence me not making this picture any bigger lol.
I’m working up a tutorial on making toddler leggings out of long sleeve tshirts today or tomorrow, I’ll likely post it here… I’m also thinking of embellishing them and possibly doing a mini tutorial on simple but sweet embellishments, as well.

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