Warm and Gooey

Sunday is the day of rest; today I do things such as going to church, eating soup for lunch, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. Okay, scratch that last one, I do that daily, but there ten to be witnesses to it on Sunday.

Today I was going to wear that fantastic chocolate coloured wrap dress I found at the thrift store yesterday, and then fitted to myself (also known as ‘DIY acupuncture’) and then sewed. (must… create… duct tape dress form….!!!) However, I wore that out to dinner last night, and then at some point somebody (I’m not going to point fingers, but I’d suggest DD may be the culprit) got food or something (please be food) on it. So then I decided since it was dirty anyways I’d wear it to bake these cheesey biscuits (truly, yes, the best biscuits ever). So of course it was really dirty after that. Somebody needs to sew herself an apron! (or seven).  I may or may not have baked those biscuits after 9:30pm and then perhaps eaten several smothered in butter. (oh yessssssss *moan*) Since I didn’t have a cake yesterday (just a chinese buffet) I excuse myself (right. sure. *gigglesnort*)

And today, in lieu of said cakelessness, today I baked chocolate fudge brownies, and made homemade fudge sauce, and whipped up some whip cream. And then combined that all together. Yeah, baby.

All in all, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone and gained about 50 pounds this weekend. Happy birthday indeed! Better live off granola and water for the next week or two.

pics 004

I would suggest that everyone go and buy a pair of brightly coloured ballet flats. Mine are from Winners for $20, and I think they are AE or something, I do not recall atm, but I love them. They hurt like a bitch, but they sure do brighten my day. (They need some major breaking in.)

It’s only 8:30 but I feel sleepy and lethargic… I think the calories may be killing me.  I’ll die happy, kiddos… yum.

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