and many mooooooore!

Today is my birthday! I choose to not state my age. Not because it is old. But because it isn’t. I’m a backwards gal, I’d rather have people think I’m older than I am than think that a) boy do I look older and b) boy what an odd duck, she sure doesn’t act her age.

NOT to say I’m THAT young. I am just ambiguous. lol.

I went thriftstore shopping today! I scored pretty nicely. What I’m perhaps most excited about is a lovely brown faux-wrap dress, I just need to take it down an inch or so on each side (even if it was a real wrap I’d probably wind up having to take it in, the armholes gape) but it is otherwise very lovely and flattering. And in very new condition! Also a merino menswear sweater, I’ll change the neckline and add a zipper… Plus a bunch of other stuff. A good trip!

Also got a costume for DD, she’s going to be the cutest little pirate. lovelove!

pics 016 pics 001

Happy october! yaaaay.

2 thoughts on “and many mooooooore!

  1. Happy birthday!Don’t feel bad about the nightgown for the little one — it’s very cute. I did the same thing for a nightgown for myself, only I forgot I have frontal protuberances that might need some comfort room.I suggest that you add a pleat at each side seam. Take a rectangle of fabric, fold the long sides to the middle, sew those long sides to the side seam. Then flatten the short side at the top — voila, a box pleat. You could put it up as far as the armhole or as low as the hip. I put one in the center front on my nightie — I think I’d have been happier with the extra at the sides.


  2. hmmmm, sounds interesting, I shall have to give it a try… I think a generous box pleat in the front is probably the most attractive way I could fix this little ‘oopsie’… thanks!


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