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Let’s take a moment to laugh and learn, shall we?


Pretty! yes. I sewed this !!! I also sewed this three inches too small for my waist size. Applause, applause. However, it was a tablecloth. No huge loss. Just a little bit of damage to my ego. But barely, since I’m still proud, just bummed that I can’t wear it myself.

Now on to other matters. I have this pretty fabric that is a cream and orange and brown plaid with flowers (sounds freakin awful, I know. But trust me… pretty.) It’s one of those deliberatly wrinkly fabrics. I want to make my 13 month old a blouse out of it, but I can’t find a pattern I like. So I’m thinking of taking apart a blouse similar to what I want and using it as a pattern. But wait… there’s more. The blouse in subject is, in fact, a size 6 mos, and I want a size 12 mos. So I’m also going to be sizing up. My other thought is to just make a pattern from scratch.

Either way, wish me luck. hahahhahahaha. This could get interesting.

Good thing she’s happy being naked.

Picture 007(heavens to betsy, yes. my bathtub really is as dirty as it looks. Even though I probably washed it in the 24hours previous to taking this picture. DH and my BIL who lives in the basement both a) work in dirty basementmaking construction and b) take showers in this bathroom. I’m tempted to stop cleaning it and try planting flowers in the grooves on the shelf.)

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