Love My Job

I totally love my new job. Everything about it. The fabrics (I walk around rubbing against things. I am not alone. Everyone does this.) the women (crazy as I am. sometimes worse. all walk around rubbing against the fabric.) the customers, everything. It is so much fun. It’s not too hard, it’s not too easy, and I learn something every day. I mean, during three days that’s not that impressive, but I get the impression I will continue learning from not only my fellow staffers, but from the customers as well. And then there’s the discount on the fabric and notions and whatnot. That’s super. And I need more work clothes so I have a good excuse to make stuff. And to shop.

Yesterday I picked up a meter or so of polarfleece and cut it in half to make two sleeper sacs for my DD. I quickly made up one tonight, I didn’t use a pattern but just winged it. I made the neckline wide so I didn’t need zippers or buttons and then put ribbing in the neckline and arms. I accidentally set one sleeve in backwards and I will have to fix that tomorrow because I needed to rush so she could go to bed! I’d also like to add some decoration to it tomorrow. So I’ll post a picture then! I also plan on sewing two skirts and a dress this week, at least. I only have to work on tuesday so that should work out alright. Even if I get 2/3 of those things done that’s fine with me. Especially since I also am removing a zipper and sewing up a skirt for my SIL that she picked up for my neice, and my SIL’s sister (lol) wants me to alter some flared jeans into straight leg jeans, but I’m not sure when that’s happening. She’s a hairdresser so I’ll get her to cut me a rockin’ bob in exchange. Plenty of photos this week, I hope! (if I can find my damn camera. I was cleaning the office/craftroom looking for it and everything. yeesh.)

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