Backyard Adventure

Yesterday DD and I had a backyard adventure. Absolutely epic, I assure you. It’s quite fascinating.

First she examined the fountain and found it to be lacking.



What to do, what to do. (Sidenote, I made those leggings. They were tights. Not really a huge project but a good use of tights that were getting too small, I feel.)DSC05125


We shall fetch us a rock.DSC05127


Insert rock into fountain…DSC05121


Presto! She has a knack. For something. Not sure what. DSC05128


She runs away, happy with the fountain and it’s new ‘je ne c’est quoi.’ DSC05132


She has more to do. She must conquer the picnic table! DSC05133


One giant leap for babykind!  (Seriously, though, I couldn’t climb onto something that tall in relation to my body, so snaps for DD.)DSC05134


And she finds and scatters the flyers I was looking at. How can I covet without first looking through the flyers? I have to chase after the flyers and hunt them all down. Mommy is not super thrilled with this. DSC05135


Sensing my lack of enthusiasm, she offers me a stick as consolation. Peace is restored to the jungle. DSC05140


The End!

Yes, my picnic table is in sad need of a new coat of paint. A project for next summer! For you may note, she is wearing a puffy vest and long sleeves… tis early fall already! (Booo, winter is coming. She has decided she is an outdoors kind of gal just in time to spend the next half year Indoors.)

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